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How Does It Work?


Each event is a unique opportunity to meaningfully connect with friends, family and even business colleagues.  Whether a

celebration honoring a personal milestone, or a corporate gathering, each require the personalization and attention to detail to

ensure that the guests as well as hosts have an exceptional experience. 


We will set up an initial consultation to enable us to understand what is important to you and establish a desired budget. We will

combine your vision and our experience to create a personalized plan of action to enhance your concept, select the vendors

who will best fulfill your vision, and meld these seamlessly to create an event with Minimum Stress and Maximum Success.


We have access and long term relationships with leading venues, caterers, entertainment groups, decor and photographic

specialists.  Our vendors know that their work must be of the highest caliber to be part of our network, and it shows in the way

they go the extra mile for our clients.


Contact us for a free consultation in our New York office or by phone, 516.298.5137

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